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Default Re: Dirty looks and Shaking Fists

Originally Posted by fairracing31 View Post
In most place's Motorized Bicycle are on thin ice as it Jim say's bad attention is not good.

If we want city, towns, ect. to respect our right to ride Motorized bicycles we MUST respect the right of others.

Many city's and States are deciding if to ban Motorized Bicycles...this is not helping our cause.
Yeah exactly, and ya know it's comming. Engine powered bike bans that is.

My knee-jerk reaction was to crucify him in written form...I'm not feeling up to my usual nasty self this evening...

If it was a nature preserve trail, there had to be, "NO MOTORIZED VEHICLES", signs everywhere...especially in California. Of course "common sense" should supersede the sign.

Incognito guys...that's the only way this hobby, form of transportation, is going to survive unregulated. Trust and believe this one.

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