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Default Re: Exhaust Gasket Replacement?

Hey NunyaBidness --

Originally Posted by NunyaBidness View Post
I have had to replce the exhaust gasket several times. I also used the cardboard from the back of an old notebook. I wiped it down real good with 2 stroke oil and have not had one blow or leak on me yet. I just manage to tear them when I pull the muffler off causing me to have to make a new one.
This trick works good for those of us that don't have a well stocked shop.
I just tried your idea, when I first ran the motor for about 5 minutes the oil starting cooking around the edges and soon evaporated, there was a little bit of smoke. Just now I got back from taking a 10 minute ride up a steep hill. The thick cardboard (not corrugated) edges look a already dry and when I hit the top of the hill I could smell a little bit of cardboard burning smell and still a very very tiny bit of smoke. I'm thinking if the cardboard doesn't burn up, oil will eventually soak into it and I would imagine it will eventually carbonize.

I'm in Taiwan where it is hard to find things like sheets of DIY gaskets which is why I tried this, but I may try finding a thick piece of aluminum and cut another gasket.

Any further thoughts on oil-soaked cardboard exhaust gaskets?

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