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Default Re: Extremely New. Need Advice

Originally Posted by allen standley View Post
I concur with both above find bike with big spokes 12g min with a rag joint. Get a box of #41 chain from Tractor Supply $22. Your a big Guy. Safest method for you is a Sprocket adapter with a 48 or 50 t sprocket bout $100 from Pirate. CALL THEM Look at Bike berry they have them too. Rag joint tugs half the spokes 18 on left side only. Sprocket adapter mounts to hub (Coaster Brake or Freewheel) Tugs all 36 spokes. I have built bikes with 14 gauge spokes (most MTN Bikes) and used a sprocket adapter with no probs but I only weigh 150 soaking wet. BIG GUY BIG SPOKES BIG CHAIN gives lateral forgiveness
WITH ADAPTER. Gotta buy a good quality chain break there's another 25 or $30. There ya go for less than $150 BE SAFE.
BE SAFE. Good luck!
Lol, you spent all the $$ this big guy has. Where's the engine? Brakes? Tires?

Just my opinion allen, what you're expecting to build will cost MUCH more than $150. The Happy Time kit alone costs about $150, maybe more or less.
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