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Default Is this doable???

I have a nice set of 1 1/8 triple tree forks I was gonna use on a bike but the rear dropouts are too wide for the wheels I'm using. Sooooo......

I was curious to see if they'd fit my schwinn, which is a 1" tube. Low and behold, the steerer tube fit, and wasn't had a ill bit of wiggle room. The bearings from the schwinn which are from the 1" schwinn fork fit right over the 1 1/8 steerer tube. But, the cups and race are just a tad snug.....

I was thinking of putting the race and cups on the lathe at work and opening them up just a hair. Or, I've also read where bmx guys have done this with certain integrated headsets.

Please, any advice, tips, or whatever is greatly appreciated because I really want to use these forks. I already have the wheels and they won't fit on the original bike I wanted to build, but fit perfect on my schwinn. All I need is to get this fork to work.......

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