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Default Re: HELLO from OREGON

thanks Dan
but I have copied the entire ORS in text format to my phone along with the OR. bicycle manual and motorcycle/moped manual and more, shoot I even grabbed some Washington laws and put them on there.

don't know if anyone is actually following this but here is what happened in court today.
the judge turns out to be my next door neighbor, gotta love small towns uh?
I wasn't going to say anything about it until my name got called and the judge brought it up. so he says "MR. Hanson, you are my neighbor? is that correct?"
my response "yes sir that is correct"
the Judge. "depending on the out come of this case, your not going to........"
me. chuckling. "No sir, I'm not going to do anything to ya"
I didn't want to say in court that He is the one how give me my new helmet a few weeks ago.

so it goes on.
he reads my charges and tells me my options which I ponder briefly. then say to him "I believe my only option at this point is to plea 'not guilty' only because this law is very unclear and I think I need to see a lawyer or legal aid to help define them more clearly."

simple as that. plead not guilty and waiting for notification for counsel and trial.

on a brighter note, my neighbor "the judge" is a bicyclist. one of those earth muffin types that peddles for the environment and his health, and has actually stopped a few times to check out my bike. he has seen a lot of the changes my bike has gone through.
I'm pretty sure he thinks it kind of ridiculous and defeats the purpose of the bicycle having a motor on it, but I know he appreciates the alternative form of transportation theory behind it.

I guess for lack of a better place to post on this case I will continue to post the outcome here.
If anybody is following this.
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