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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by 577-Jersey View Post
Nice Maniac!!
My bike goes 32 MPH with a 44 tooth WOT wound out tight,,,it cruises nice at 20-24,,will the 36 tooth allow me to cruise at 25-28 and what is your top speed now,,35???

Good times....

I'm not sure as my speedo took a giant s&^% from rf interference. It used to top out about 35 with the 41, so I'm guessing about 40. I don't scream my high mile engine very much so top speed does not matter much to me. I like how the 36 drops rpm at my happy cruising speed and reduces wear and vibration.This gearing puts the engine right in its sweet spot at my normal cruise speed which makes the bike nicer to ride. The the long pipe seems to match the gearing better now for a nice wide low end torque curve.
Good swap for riders in flat areas of the country!
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