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Default Re: Need advice, Very New to Motorized Bikes

Originally Posted by KoryWitkus View Post
I don't know what to start with i have a very limited budget but i have an idea at what i'm going to get.
I'm not sure what i want i want something that can take hills (i live in eastern kentucky) i can ride around on all day and can do fine with a lot of bumps. (not the smoothest roads and sidewalks.
i've been looking at cruiser bikes but i'm not sure how they handle the whole hill thing. I'm a big guy 270 6'2" Not sure if this is where this goes but just need some advice before i buy.
If you gear a bike for better climbing, you should have no problem handling most hills with a chinese two stroke kit.
This is the cheapest option for first-time builders.
Four-stroke builds are more expensive but are usually better quality overall (depending on engine you use) but they require more fabrication to work dependably.
I would suggest a mountain bike with a ht kit and a larger rear gear for hills. Something like a 48 or 50 tooth sounds about right. This will give good hillclimbing power and still allow a decent cruising speed (15 or 20 mph) without screaming the engine to death.
I'm 260lbs and I ride a 36 tooth in flat Memphis with my 66cc two stroke. You should handle hills fine with proper gearing for your needs.
The only extra thing besides the ht kit to buy is a larger rear gear.
If more is better, then too much is just enough.
If you can't afford it, build it yourself.
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