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Default Re: Need help with install

Originally Posted by bstansbu View Post
Hey guys! Im a noob and have been lurking here a while. First off, i suck at mechanic stuff. So after about 1 month of fiddling around with my install, I need help now. The instructions as you all know that came with the kit, are horible. I am ready to install the clutch cable. Where do I connect it on the motor? Any one have good close up pics of where it goes and tips to install.

Also, I put my throttle on the right side, screwed it on, then screwed the end of throttle cable to the top of the carb. I tried to twist the throttle, but it does not twist at all. Any help with these last 2 things and I might finaly be riding this thing. please help guys.


Can you post a photo of the throttle?

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