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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by sboricic123 View Post
Broke 4 spokes my on rim. I went and bought another rim and will get the one repaired for a spare. What are the main causes for this to happen?
The most common reason is loose spokes.
The second common reason is too thin of spokes. Most cheap wheels (read WalMart and similar store bought bikes) have spokes that are not really up to the task (that said, many wheels do still hold up for many miles).
The third has to do with #2. If the spokes are breaking on the sprocket side and you are using the kit supplied rag joint sprocket, the sprocket does put an unusual load on the spokes. Both by loading them laterally with engine power and that the rag joint tries to hold them out of true in relation from a straight line from the wheel hub to the rim. A tensioned spoke wants to be straight and true. The rag joint forces them to have a sort of a kink in them when they are compressed in the rubber-n-spoke sandwich.

Have your new wheel laced up with 11 gauge or 10 gauge spokes if you can.
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