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Default Re: HELLO from OREGON

Originally Posted by mabman View Post
Sorry I must have missed the fact that the DWS was for a moped.
No, that's what it says on the ticket. they classified it as a moped. its a diamond back mountain bike with chopper forks and a 48cc china girl.
but I did fail to mention in my original post what I got the ticket for so, my bad.

also, when I read the ORS I took the clutch thingy to mean the difference between a centrifugal clutch and a manual clutch. most mopeds have centrifugal clutches. I don't know and court is tomorrow. I think that is the only leg I have to stand on. probably gonna get thrown in the hooscow, but oh well.

thanx for you input and interpretation, I want to say it was helpful but leaves me with more questions.
any way thank you.
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