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Default Re: Two items that could save your life

My current bike is a 98cc cruiser. I just wouldn't trust a rag joint to the power of a 98cc 4 stroke. I bought a Howard adapter for $75 shipped and the components to convert my old kit tensioner to spring-loaded for $20, don't remember if there were shipping charges or not. The Howard adapter accepts the kit sprocket, and I already had an almost new sprocket. There is a good reason I did not want to use a rag joint for my cruiser. I had a heavy-duty wheel with 12g spokes and a rag joint on my two stroke bike, and after a few months or so, the sprocket would start to wobble and then the wheel would wobble. My rim was not badly warped, so I attributed the wobble to misalignment of the sprocket. I used nylon lock nuts on my rag joint, so I don't understand why it came out of alignment. I replaced the rag and the mounting bolts, and got a new chain and it reduced the wobble. But I knew when I got ready to build my 4 stroke cruiser that a hub adapter would virtually eliminate any chance of misalignment or wobble. So far I've been right. After two months, the bike feels exactly the same as the day I drove it home from my buddy's house. Haven't had any problems with the spring loaded tensioner so far either. Are these items necessary for one's safety? I wouldn't go that far. Do they cause any safety issues? None that I am personally aware of after personal experience. But what I do think is that they do make the build easier and also make for less maintenance overall, and that is worth every penny to me.
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