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Default Re: Motor wont start..

well looks like i was able to get the motor started earlier today lol it was weird. did the normal pedaling and dumped the clutch but it wouldnt start so i gave it more pedaling and it was poppin and jerking and bam! it finally started right up. Touched my spark plug boot and ouch! i kept gettin electricuted. First time this happened to me since my other spark plug boots never did that, but was excited to get it running. I took it out for about a 10 miles ride or so and it was going well! except when the motor runs for a while the performance is just not there as if it were a cold start. Maybe normal since its still breaking in wit 32:1 mix? I also think i have an air leak somewhere cuz after running it a while and i pull the clutch the motor revs real high instead of staying at the normal idling range. Happy that this motor is running and now I got another motor on the way lol Thinking of adding a pull start on that and wider pedal cranks.
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