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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Had to tighten the screws for the clutch cover-

I was coming back from my usual coffee/grocery run of 6 ,iles or so round trip,
and about half a mile from home, the clutch got screwy-

the handle felt mushy and didn't want to disengage and the motor wouldn't kill then-

since I was close, I just came on in under motor, I had reached down to see if the cable had come loose at the motor and that seemed tight-
then I noticed the crank was hitting the motor very slightly just as I got back
had the motor shifted to the side? That had happened before.

as soon as I got off and looked at it the problem was obvious

and an easy fix- the screws on the clutch cover had come loose and it was moving around a bit-

tightened them up, and that was that.
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