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Default Re: No spring back in throttle

Thanks. I'm pretty positive it's the grip. I used the wd40 on the metal of the handle bar. Not the cable just to be clear. I think you're right about the plastic where the cable attaches to the handle. It's a tight fit there. Ill try to clean it up with an xacto knife. Luckily this is one of my least severe problems. One of my engine covers blew off on a test run today. One of the few things I hadn't smothered in loctite. Not to mention if I don't keep it at 3/4-wot it stalls. Sometimes stalling no matter what. This project has been such a headache but I have to finish it so I have no choice. I'm lucky people like you guys have been helping me. But it's still hard describing things properly enough to diagnose problems over the Internet.
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