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Default Re: No spring back in throttle

Originally Posted by RadicalxEdward View Post
Definitely no binds. I've lubed it twice with different lubes. I've got some lithium grease I'm going to try next. I've used wd-40 and a dry spray silicon lube
WD-40 is not a lubricant. Don't use it on your cables. Either a light oil or remove the cable from the housing and apply grease. I prefer the oil.

You need to locate the source of the bind. Take the cable end out of the twist grip and pull it with your fingers. Watch the carburetor throttle slide (barrel) as you pull. Does it move up and down smoothly? If not check the slide's fit in the carb body. If it pulls easily with the slide moving through the full travel then the problem is in the twist grip.

Some of the thimbles, the part the cable wraps around in the grip, need to be trimmed slightly to allow them to rotate smoothly. Look at it closely and you might see mold flash that is binding the thimble. Also check that the twist grip moves effortlessly on the handlebar. Is there any bind there?

Let us know what you find.

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