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Default Re: HELLO from OREGON

Sorry I must have missed the fact that the DWS was for a moped.

Also from the law book:

Note: A bicycle equipped with a power source may be classed as a moped if it meets all the moped requirements and also does not meet either the definition of an electric assisted bicycle as defined in ORS 801.258, or a motor assisted scooter as defined in ORS 801.348.

Mopeds must be titled and registered, but Oregon law specifically exempts motor-assisted scooters, electric assisted bicycles, and personal mobility devices from title and registration requirements.

The title and registration requirement, regardless of the clutch thing which is kind of a grey area in regards to china girls because they have a clutch but do not make use of it for shifting, as a VIN # is necessary and hard to provide for a kit bike.

So the way I have always read it is in order to skirt the Moped law the motor assisted scooter or e bike is the only way to be exempt here in OR. Electric works really well but is expensive to setup due to battery cost if you want any sort of range and power but the 35cc friction drive will move a bicycle along pretty well actually for a fair price.

Good luck with your day in court!

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