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Default Re: Two items that could save your life

Originally Posted by nightcruiser View Post
If you take your time and assemble a rag joint well you can get thousands of trouble free miles from them, I am at the 2,500 mark right now with mine (that beats you by 500 miles, with no sign of trouble in the future, I have to assume the rag joint and #41 chain will outlast my motor by far) . Also, if you can get away with running without a chain tensioner all together that is your best bet IHMO. It's been over 2,000 miles since I installed a #41 chain and ditched the tensioner, haven't had a single problem, haven't had to adjust anything, my chain drive has been rock solid (without the two expensive upgrades you mention).
There's the key to it all right there... #41 chain enough to do 2 bikes for $20.
Also pick up 1/2 links (Connecting link) line that chain strait as an arrow. 41 chain has lots of latteral forgiveness n hasn't chewed op a case cover yet I doin close to 5000 mi. never a drive prob.
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