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Default Re: Two items that could save your life

Originally Posted by karryhunt View Post
I think your wrong on several points.

Getting the sprockets lined up with the rag adapter is a real
problem and furthermore driving the bike by the spokes is flinstone technology. Using the hub adapter allows for lateral adjustment to get perfect alignment between the the sprockets. Even if your able to get perfect alignment initially with the rag, its just a matter of before everything goes haywire.

The Kip Springer tensioner with the optional 10 tooth sprocket is absolutely trouble free after 2000 miles.
I will not divulge the maker of the adapter. This isn't a product review.

What I will tell you is I have two identical bikes. One has a rag joint, the other a hub adapter. The adapter equipped bike has a 'roughness' to the ride that I couldn't account for. Same frame, same, wheels, tires, engine and engine mounts. Same tire inflation, same seating arrangment. I was curious and suspected the solidly mounted adapter as the culprit. I switched rear wheels on these bikes. The roughness followed the adapter.

Its as if I can feel the chain engaging the rear sprocket. My theory is that the solid attachment to the hub can, on some rims and bike frame designs, transmit the chain to sprocket engagement. The rag joint will absorb it.

As for driving the wheel with spokes verses the hub, that isn't a valid argument. Either way you are ultimately driving the wheel with the spokes. It doesn't make any difference how you attach the sprocket. The spokes transmit the rotational force to the rim and the ground.

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