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Default Re: Need mental and ratio help! Please!

Like I said the 44 was just what the kit came with. And in the stock set up worked good at about 20 to 25 mph so I concluded that it would be a good ratio for a middle gear on the cassette. Then I would have 3 gears taller and 3 gear lower on a 7 speed cassette. So as it works out with my 6 speed cassette I have ratios, using the stock teminology of 10t on the engine and 44 tooth rear sprocket which is 4.4 to 1, of 5.8 to 1 in my low gear and 2.7 to 1 in my high gear and so 4.4 to 1 is in the middle. So that is like having a 58 tooth rear sprocket down to a 27 tooth rear sprocket using stock sprocket terminology.

And BTW my bike tops out at about 40 mph in 5th, when I shift to 6th it backs down to about 37 but the engine rpm drops nicely so it is kinda like an overdrive so I can cruise at 35 and the engine isn't working at all.
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