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good news guys, I figured out what was wrong with my low power problem. it was the MUFFLER!...from running too much oil in my gas! the catalytic converter material got hopelessly caked up with oil and soot. finally just clogging the whole exhaust flow. I figured it out by taking the muffler completely off and running it up the street. I don't advise this because the motor seemed to rev out of control, but boy did it have some power lol I was screamin down the street. so what I ended up doing is cutting about 2 1/2 inch section from the end of the muffler. inside was another pipe that had a welded endpiece with holes in the side for the exhaust and the bolt for the baffle. I cut that straight off and there was the clogged up converter. it had a small, spoke sized hole in the center, I stuck a spoke though it and out came a little chunk of carbon buildup, that helped a little but not enough. so what I ended up doing is taking a 5/16 drill bit and drilling straight through the converter material. it worked like a charm. I put my homemade baffle back on it and I was back in business. its been running great ever since this mod. hope this helps if anyone else has had a problem like this.

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