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Default Re: Need mental and ratio help! Please!

Good job on getting it figured out. I always try to not over complicate things. When I was designing the SBP Shift Kit, I figured the manufacture knew what they were doing. The China kits come with a 44 tooth sprocket amd has a 10 tooth output sprocket on the engine. So that is 4.4 to 1. That seemed like a good middle gear. So I just figured if I could get the final drive ratio to be the same on the middle sprocket of the rear cassette I would be in the ball park. I then had both lower and taller gears on the cassette. That way I didn't need to worry about the internal gear reduction, engine RPM, wheel size etc. So the same could apply here. If the Titan has an output sprocket of a 10 and the kit comes with a 50 then I would know that I would need to keep the overall drive at around 5 to 1. Now that I am designing the one for the 4 stroke kit I am using the same principal. And thanks to the Grubee and JL gear reductions they kindly have a 10 tooth output sprocket so the gearing will be the same.
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