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Default Re: Two items that could save your life

spring tensioner works great. it works even better if you use the case saver to keep the chain from binding inside the case. and even more better if you use a 10t sprocket instead of a roller wheel. I bought a much stiffer spring and when i let off the throttle the chain still stays fairly tight in that instant. the only time the chain slacks is when im trying to start, and like i said the spring is so stiff it pulls up the slack almost instantly. Im not using the kip spring tensioner im using the skipdu spring tensioner from ebay. it doesnt come with a spring, but you can find one at the hardware store. I bought this tensioner and its never coming off. I am still up for debate about the sprocket adapter as ive had trouble finding one that says it fits a 7 speed shimano hub, but ive never heard anyone say that they worked bad, i just need to find one that i know fits.
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