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Default Re: Gas Tank with TWO lines?

Whatever you do, do NOT drill the plastic tank.Gas will always find a way to seep thru. I've used goped tanks and they leaked @ the grommet on the side. I even drilled holes atop, just enough for a tight fit. Still leaked.

Just plug the extra line. It'd be better if you can mount the tank horizontally, so the holes are topside.

I ran three tanks on my twin-engined monster, the original saddle tanks and an auxiliary peanut tank. Since the front tank was almost below the reserve tank's level, siphon action was difficult. I used tee fittings and a built-in siphon bulb in the fuel lines. This sorta worked, but the best solution was a small 12-volt aftermarket fuel pump for an old VW hotrod engine. That sucker filled tanks very quickly. Since I only needed it every so often, I didn't need to mount the battery on the bike.
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