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Default Crankshaft Balancing, I got a problem with Step 4?

Step 4- Measure the weight of the bottom end of the crank shaft and bottom end wrist pin bearing. To do this you’ll have to break open the halves of the crankshaft to have access to the lower wrist pin bearing and bigger end of the crankshaft. If you do not have the tools to this this, the value is usually around 47.5g +- 1 gram.

Why would he ADD the weight of this if he is already statically balancing his crankshaft with this con-rod and bearing still ON his crankshaft?

Would this not be additional weight that should not be there?

Just trying to understand this crankshaft balancing thing as I believe bad vibrations may have contributed to killing my last large end con-rod bearing and as a consequence my piston and cylinder.
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