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Default Re: HELLO from OREGON

welcome to the forum dude . let me say this in the state of Missouri they're legal .if your under 50 CC's and 3 horsepower "allegedly". in Missouri it's considered a motor assisted bicycle .so no license plate no insurance no registration no safety inspection . however some local municipalities inside Saint Louis Can require you to wear a helmet and have operator's license meaning a driver's license. But don't and won't. its only considers of Motor Vehicle in two senses and that's homeowners and renters insurance I just in case the house burns down now is your transportation to work. what if I ever got drug into court for driving a motor vehicle suspended or revoked I'd beat it , because were right back to its a bicycle .so good luck Tuesday night try not to throw any chairs at the judge even though he deserves it . Meaning "He's Gona Get The Chair." LOL
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