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Default Re: Two items that could save your life

Originally Posted by maniac57 View Post
I will never run a spring tensioner on a chinagirl kit. Its not that hard to get the sprocket centered which removes the need for this band-aid fix. Some bikes require a tensioner, but a spring loaded one is asking for trouble somewhere down the road.
All a spring does is make it LOOK tight, everytime you let off the throttle, there's all the slack on the top chain run.
Take the time to center whatever sprocket you use and you don't need a spring.
Actually, I'm using a spring loaded tensioner on my 98cc cruiser, and I have had zero issues with it other than having to reposition it a few times. Due to the way my gearbox is designed, if I didn't use a tensioner my chain would rub on my gearbox and would not be safe or possibly even operable at all. The tensioner I have is made from a kit tensioner, with a piece of aluminum stock that is bolted to where the tensioner wheel normally goes, and the wheel is instead bolted to one end of the aluminum stock and at the other end is the spring. I actually feel that this is better than a stock tensioner, because one of the main issues with stock tensioners is that the force from the chain going taut can actually pull the tensioner into the wheel. With the spring loaded tensioner, the force from the chain is instead transferred to the spring, thereby greatly reducing the risk of the tensioner being pulled into the spokes. As far as there being slack in the top chain at idle, thats an issue with any chain tensioner. I'm not exactly sure why it would be an issue, because as soon as you take off again, the slack is transferred to the bottom chain again. I have been using my spring loaded tensioner for almost two months now, and not once have I had a safety issue where the chain was at risk of jumping or anything like that. Even if I didn't need a tensioner due to my jackshaft design, I would more than likely run one anyway to eliminate the hassle of trying to match chain lengths between drive side and pedal side. I'd recommend the type of tensioner I'm running over a stock tensioner to anybody. Also, most motorcycles that have chain tensioners are spring loaded, not static like the stock tensioners (bleh!).
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