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Default Re: Motor wont start..

Originally Posted by BigBlue View Post
Two important tools you should have is a DMM (Digital Multimeter) and a torque wrench. You can buy a DMM for $5.00 and a torque wrench for $20.00 at Harbor Freight. Look at a garage sale for tools and you can find a torque wrench for less.

You made a comment in your original post about mounting your engine properly in your bike. What did you mean by that? Is your engine not currently mounted correctly? The carburetor should be level as possible.

Here's a couple guides to help in no-start situations:

If you don't have the ability to read Googledocs, here's another guide from the other forum:

Disconnect your kill switch to see if it will start - sometimes they are defective. Also, try staring without the gas cap, as sometimes they are not vented.

Hopefully, you didn't ride it in the rain or leave it sitting in the rain to get wet. This will cause rust to develop on the ignition coil/magneto and cause starting problems.

Make sure the spark plug wire is securely attached to the CDI.

Make sure no bare wires are touching the frame and that all electrical connections are secure.

Last, try to start it with a little starting fluid or a few drops of fuel into the spark plug hole and then put the plug back in and try starting.

Buying parts to see if the problem goes away is an expensive way to problem solve. Buy the proper tools as I mentioned earlier and you'll end up money ahead.

Good Luck,

AKA: BigBlue

Thanks for the post! I def have the tools which is how I managed to install the motor onto the frame, but I dont have the DMM. I would need to go and pick that up. Also when I bought the motor (without any knowledge of universal mounting kits) it would not fit on the frame properly in the front, sooo what I did was grind down the dip to a little wider to fit the frame and drilled me in some new bolt holes. Well one of the bolts had ripped out because it wasn't deep enough so I took so metal wrap with holes? and wrapped the motor into place with of course the back end secured with the bolts. The motor doesn't budge at all so Im fine with that but if I could redo the mounting part I would totally go for it after gaining more knowledge wit these bike motors. I think tomorrow Im going to try and see if I can get a spark from the spark plug by touching the cylinder wall as was posted above and I'll go from there or get a DMM to test out the polarity of the wires.
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