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Default Re: Might as well get a thread started...

Made more progress.

Swapped the tire, tube, and wheel liner onto the new rim and got everything mounted.

I have a 20 tooth freewheel sprocket now...the old one was 18 tooth.

According to calculations I needed a 112 inch chain with the 18 tooth and I now need a 113 inch chain to make the bike rideable. I'll probably add a link and get started on the brakes over the weekend so I can take it for a spin and get the brakes properly configured before the engine and associated drivetrain is installed.

Rear disc

Top view. Had to add a couple of washers on the disc side to space the frame out a hair. The disc cleared the frame without them, but it was by less than 1/16 of an inch. I might just use one washer depending on how the disc bracket location looks. If it's hokey I'll drop a washer and be done with it.

Picked up a Bell handlebar bag for it. Will be good for storing spare tubes, tools, and first aid gear.

Overall shot as of now.
If it's worth building, it's worth over-building.

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