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Default HELLO from OREGON

A big hello from the land of bogus and broken LAWS. what brings me to this forum is research. I built my first bike back in September and loved it, but had to build another even better, more beautiful chopper style bike. sold the first one for the money. have been riding my "green machine" for over 9 months and never had any problems until riding season. I have even had good conversations with some of the police here to find out the legalities of these things here in OR. no one seemed to have any problems and most cops seemed to admire my bike, but now all of a sudden, they are saying it is illegal.
I am tired of Oregon's taxation through Citation policies.

at any rate I have court on Tuesday and thanx to the forum and some links I think I have some pretty good Arguments to present to the Judge.

could you imagine have we had the cops today back when Harley and Davidson or even Henry Ford were building their Machines.......?

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