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Originally Posted by JustAnotherBozoOnABike View Post
yeah, i don't know about a NON-synthetic Opti 2 man, have you got a link?

...i've only got 117 miles on my new bike but i've been running 100:1 from day one, 1.3 ounces of Opti 2 per gallon of fuel and it seems like the more i ride it the better it runs, also runs virtually smoke free and i don't leave any oil stains under the bike when i park it. ...which also means my bike stays clean because it doesn't have a patina of oil anywhere on the bike to suck dirt to my bike, lol.

personally, i love the stuff.

peace, bozo

btw, if you're running a standard chinagirl 2 stroke, how solid do you think the 'warranty' is? ...especially from a company that recommends 16:1 for break-in.
I don't have a link..the Stihl dealership store where I buy it, has both kinds. It's the bottle that does not say synthetic on it. Just type in " non synthetic opti 2 " on your browser.
I dont have china girl, I have Japanese Bridgestone..chro - mo crank, piston rod, and wrist pin. Mitsubishi had a hand in forming Bridgestone. The wrnty was only 30 days. I like to see tells me that I'm getting lots of lube.
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