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Originally Posted by Blakenstein View Post
Well, I use Opti 2 cause it is good oil . I use opti2 NON synthetic,..yes u can get both kinds. I use it at 24:1 . I get it from the Sthill dealers.
Synthetic oil voids my warrenty cause it burns too clean and does not leave enough residue on the cylinder walls. My motor been runnin for 5 years now and is still goin strong. 100:1 ?????? thats moastly for boat motors that are water cooled.
yeah, i don't know about a NON-synthetic Opti 2 man, have you got a link?

...i've only got 117 miles on my new bike but i've been running 100:1 from day one, 1.3 ounces of Opti 2 per gallon of fuel and it seems like the more i ride it the better it runs, also runs virtually smoke free and i don't leave any oil stains under the bike when i park it. ...which also means my bike stays clean because it doesn't have a patina of oil anywhere on the bike to suck dirt to my bike, lol.

personally, i love the stuff.

peace, bozo

btw, if you're running a standard chinagirl 2 stroke, how solid do you think the 'warranty' is? ...especially from a company that recommends 16:1 for break-in.
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