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Originally Posted by Groove View Post
I am bumping this old thread because it is only 97 pages long. No, but seriously I read the first 30 pages or so and left off where Bairdco and 2door were discussing a possible "issue" when switching over to Opti2 on china dolls that were bronken in using conventional (non-synthetic) oil.

Despite the fascinating topic and wealth of information to be gleaned, I just couldn't bring myself to read the next 70 pages to find the answer.

So, what was the general concensus about switching a HT motor that was broken in with conventional over to Opti-2 @ 100:1, etc. ?
Well, I use Opti 2 cause it is good oil . I use opti2 NON synthetic,..yes u can get both kinds. I use it at 24:1 . I get it from the Sthill dealers.
Synthetic oil voids my warrenty cause it burns too clean and does not leave enough residue on the cylinder walls. My motor been runnin for 5 years now and is still goin strong. 100:1 ?????? thats moastly for boat motors that are water cooled.
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