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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by xseler View Post
This one had matte finish plastic inserts. I tighten the round nut pretty tight with a pair of Channel locks then I pushed the lever over to finish tightening it. Seems pretty snug so far........Only went about 4 miles r/t to the store. It held a 6 pack of bottles nicely.

Maybe if you cut an old piece of intertube and wrapped it around the post before you slid the rack attachment over it, you might get a more snug fit....or, they make a product called "friction tape" --- it's usually found in the electrical department with the black tape. That stuff would work great, also!
That's basically what the box-supplied stuff is: thick innertube. I'll mess with it sometime this summer I imagine.
Originally Posted by JustAnotherBozoOnABike View Post
...i removed and discarded the stock, POS sparkplug and boot and replaced them with an NGK BPR7HIX plug and a new boot both purchased from SickBikeParts, a vendor you can not only rely on, you can actually reach them if you have a question, ...they KNOW how to do customer service over at SBP!

peace, bozo
You replace the wire too? The factory wire is crap as I found out when putting on my Bosch wire...
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