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Default Re: spak plug head comes loose

Originally Posted by dumpstercrusher View Post
well comparing the plug i got in the kit and the plug, id say pistonbikes had a better quality with the boot. Felt secure, but ur saying the plug needs to be screwed onto the spark plug instead of just pushing it down till it snaps in?
You need to go to an auto parts store and look at a real spark plug. You'll see the top is different in that there is a cap, about 3/16" in diameter on the top. The automotive plug boot I mentioned has a matching female connection that snaps onto a standard spark plug. Those kit plugs and plug boots are a joke. Get rid of them or you'll continue to have nothing but problems with them.

The kit plug has a threaded portion that is supposed to snap into the kit boot. It is a bad electrical connection prone to failure and poor engine performance. Do not order plugs or plug boots from engine kit suppliers or you'll get the same parts and be back to square one. Replace both with good automotive quality parts and you can forget about spark plug problems.

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