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Talking Re: Need mental and ratio help! Please!

Originally Posted by Ghost0 View Post
It still doesn't make a difference, you still have a #25 driving a #25, then you have a #40 driving a #40. Trust me on this.
Hmm, now that you say it again it's got me thinking harder about it...I guess the reason why is because no matter what, it is always going to be a 1:1 across the jackshaft. It isn't a matter of ratios between gears on the jackshaft but only between gears attached by chain. I think that means my calculator is way off then. I'm going to have to go re-engineer it and post the numbers and see if it looks right to you guys.

Thanks for not giving up on me despite my arrogance.

Ghosto is right!

It's easy to get confused.

Just look at each part of the drive separately, (as it's own entity), and you'll find that it isn't so complicated.

Ditch the software and work it out, (methodically), with a calculator.

Thanks for the advice problem is I had piggy backed off of someone else's calculator and changed it around without really knowing what I was doing. Maybe you could give the numbers I'll post in a bit a quick looking over? ....

Better yet,

Since you are in Tampa, bring it to the shop and i'll help you with it...No charge if it's on a weekend!

...and yeah! That sounds fantastic! I'd love to just stop by and check the shop out. I'll send you a PM..

Conradcliff, the reason for your second calculator's error is because you only have THREE teeth on the clutch sprocket.
Yeah, I had done that because I was trying to mimic the size of a 6 tooth #25 sprocket using measurements from a #40 sprocket and how large the OD was in reference to tooth count. Turns out I didn't need to do that at all...

Ok, so here are the new they look right to you guys?

Thanks again for all your help! If these numbers are right that means I wont have to be returning any sprockets!
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