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Default Re: Gas Tank with TWO lines?

Originally Posted by jrol22 View Post
So, I'm looking to add a tank that has TWO fuel lines going to it.

One being wider than the other.
Could I be able to use this with the China Girl?

How could I connect it to the engine?

So far Ive thought about a "T" connector to turn both lines into one. But I just thought I'd check if anyone has any other ideas?

By The way,
Im still toying with placement of the tank.

I like the under frame, behind the seat post, and on the handle bars the best.
Behind the seatpost looks like one of the best choices. As said above, you need the tank higher than the carb. Unless you find a way to plug the vent hole in the cap and run air pressure into the tank through the second tube to forced the gas out. Then you have to deal with balancing the air pressure so you're not over or under feeding the engine, risking the lines popping off or splitting the tank.
I don't like the handlebar idea, as you'll have the fuel hose flexing back and forth all the time as you ride. There's a higher risk of something coming loose from the motion of steering, or the fuel line cracking as it ages and stiffens.


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