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Unhappy New Build 66cc Engine is slow and will not idle at all

I just put together my engine kit about a week ago and was just just thinking that i was running so sluggish and bad because of the break in. however im troubled because it will not idle at all, only runs when i give it full throttle.
Im running 16:1 (which i now know is not the best)
i checked the carb and everythings fine. the jet is screwed in and everything is clean. the needle clip is also on the 2nd slot down and have tried it on every other setting with no success.
It only likes to run with NO choke on and if i put the choke on a little it usually dies. the thing barely puts around and 10 mph and fires very rugged (im sure this is because of the crappy stock spark plug) But i have no clue what the problem is and ive tried checking for air leaks but havent really found anything but is there anything else you guys can tell me?
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