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Default Re: difference in a 4 stroke and 2 stroke motor

Originally Posted by racie35 View Post
Only good thing about 2 strokes is its optional to buy one. Why those polluting pigs are still sold is beyond logic. If they were any good they be in cars,trucks and current bikes..instead they push em off on people looking for a deal----chainsaws,they work okay there,that's because power isn't as important as a sharp bladed tooth cranking fast...weedeaters too---same cheesy way out
2 strokes don't need to be dirty. Run at high power levels, 2 strokes can be very, very clean. Injected 2 strokes can be astoundingly clean. (like pass euro 3 with flying colors clean..)

The reason they're not in current bikes, cars, and trucks is due to their powerband. And people don't like the idea of having to add oil to their car.

They're still common in marine use, where they're still accustomed to using oil with their gas.
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