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Default Re: bike shop since 1980

Originally Posted by that70sguy View Post
i grew up in family shop midwest bike and billiard im 44 name is dion , im just north of chicago , waukegan il.60085
my buddy hector aka maddawg introduced me to ratrod bikes as a whole and ..from there i ended up here ..i want to lnow all about gas bikes and build cool harly or triumph type ...
i have a crap load of bikes older & newer ...i ended up with 2 abandoned gas kits projects one someone started and didnt finish and other never ran right skyhawk 66 no power and super hot had to feather the choke to get rpms to go fast
i want to know what motor is better the slant skyhawk or black straight sparkplug 9RCGS0661RG..
skyhawk has round port for exhaust off jug the black older motor (never had fuel in it 9RCGS0661RG) has big rectangle ...
i was going to use all stuff from skyhawk carb chain coil etc and the black one as a short block .....
anyway , im here to learn
The short answer is nether is better. ALL these china 2 strokes are more or less the same just different names. Nice to have you here hope you enjoy the ride.
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