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Default Re: neigbors call the cops!

A, the neighbours are upset, thread. Myself I've never done that but in the early 80's I worked with a guy who hung out with 3 brothers who had a neighbour who called the cops every time one of them drove in the driveway of their house because they were up to something in his mind.

The pay backs were a howl. The boys love their beer and as we have all experience, what goes in must eventually find it's way out. With 4 guys plus friends, mom was just a little more than tired of mopping up after drunks so the house was off limits.
Didn't take long for the boys to figure out that a large funnel and a length of garden hose nailed to the garage wall served the purpose perfectly but here to put the end of the hose?

Someone came up with the idea that was to run it into a length of rigid drainage pipe that was buried and the problem was solved. Next Door Neighbour had a nice thick hedge that was about a foot and a half away from the fence. Remove a section of fence late at night, bury pipe, hook up and cover. Done. Mr Next Door never figured where the smell came from and a pail of water every once in a while made sure it kept coming. Hedge was too thick to see the ground.

Pay back #2. They had a garage band going as well as motorcycles. Calls about motorcycles revving their engines. This is during the early evening hours and weekends. The answer was to leave the motorcycles at someones house and turn 3-6' column speakers up against the wall with a good tape deck wired in loaded with motorcycles revving up and burning rubber and lean over while in bed and plug the power in. When the cops were pounding on the door at 3 am one of the boys would take the cop out to the garage, open it up, turn the light on and say "what motorcycles"??
The parent weren't to keen on Mr.Next Door so they allowed this to go on.

I'd hear all about it the next day at work. The house next door sold at long last to a nice young couple and everything went back to being normal. Sure ended the fun over the morning coffee break though.


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