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Default Re: neigbors call the cops!

I had a cop pull up behind me and turn on the lights AND siren.
Needless to say i nearly Sh** my pants when that thing went off.

Once I got to the side the officer came out asking for papers.
Dude thought it was an actual motorcycle. After explaining to him, and proving to him the laws for the specific city i was in (I mainly ride it in 3 cities, and I've gone as far as printing out what they say about the motorized bicycles) He still didnt believe me.

After a good 10 mins of talking he ended up by saying "Either way, You would probably need a motorcycle license to ride that thing"
Which at that point I reached for my wallet and showed him my licence, WITH the "M" (In IL, not sure in other states, that IS the proof of having a Motorcycle license) on it.

Needless to say that shut him up and he left.

As well as a few years back, WAY BEFORE I even knew the motorized bicycles existed, I had placed Neon lights on a lowrider bike I had (Which at this point IS the motorized bicycle)
Same ordeal occured, cop pulled up behind me and turned the red and blues.
Told me it was illegal to have those out on the street...
I simply told him that my headlight batter was running low and I wanted to be seen.
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