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My head has been stitched up a lot. It's true that they can't give any pain medication that would mask the effects of a concussion. But they can use topical analgesics.

At least they always did on me. No aspirin or aspirin substitutes and definitely nothing stronger. But squirt-on numbing agents, yes. Maybe she was a little inexperienced? Early in her internship.

But if they weren't supposed to do that . . . maybe that's what's wrong with my head.

I've got more than 70 stitches in my head over 60+ years. But none from not wearing a helmet. The earliest I remember was about 5 years old. Hanging from my knees trying to tie a rope in a tree to make a swing. Over a sidewalk. Take that back. Maybe I shoulda had a helmet on.

Why did they shave your whole head? They never did that to me.

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