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Default Re: Can a 2-stoke engine still run when bike is stopped?

Gotta say, I did a SMH too, and I AM a technician, programmer, AND a mechanic. NickRoa95: learn clutch theory!!! Sounds like you're "riding your clutch" when you let up on your throttle, this is also known as "engine braking", which is a very useful technique for deceleration when used conservatively, but can actually turn into "engine BREAKing" when used inappropriately: if you coast down a long hill with your clutch engaged (throttle closed), the engine will be turning-over without its critical lubrication feed. It's a good way of damaging and perhaps seizing the engine.

On a side note, and a "tip" of sorts regarding mixing your oil/gas at the pump: I keep a small container of oil, a 1.5 oz cup, and a 12 oz clear plastic ketchup-dispenser I bought @ ACE Hardware for $2. When filling up, I dose out the appropriate amount of oil into the dispenser, pump 6 oz of gas into it from the pump, cap the container, shake it, fill the tank half-way, squirt the mix from the container into the tank, then top the tank off. The combination of the container squirt and gas-hose turbulence assures a good mix; has never failed me. I will eventually bag the cup and put ounce-markings on the container.

P.S.: I WAS going to imply the clichéd "record-scratch" sound at the beginning of this post, but I think that's a sound-effect today's kids are totally unfamiliar with.

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