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Default Re: noob to the motorized bicycle scene

thanks for the responses! i will def check the carburator to intake manifold for any leaks. ill retighten everything and test it out again tomorrow if the weather is good. I dont remember ratio but i just followed the directions thats on th back of th bottle. 8ozs of two stroke oil to 1 gallon of gasoline which im using 87. Since this is my last tank i will change up the ratio and hoping that will def fix my problem. Just too much oil spuing out the exhaust and one of the bolts to the crankcase O.o Do you also agree that i bought a crappy ebay motor kit for $140 compared to other name brands that are much more? I really want to change out the cylinder head to reduce heat and possibly increase low end performance. These little engines are too much fun! lol so little money compared to my car lol
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