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Default noob to the motorized bicycle scene

sup guys, im new to the motorized bicycle scene so Im trying to learn as much as I can because this is just too much fun! so glad i pulled the trigger into buying me a kit and a bike. Anyways, i bought my 80cc kit off ebay and just have some questions regarding if this is normal or not. (Honestly i wish i went with a reputable engine kit than ebay but this will have to do till this motor explodes or dies). I mixed the right oil to gas ratio for the breaking it in portion but bad at keeping speeds since ive already tried maxing it out lol (almost ran thru a gallon) and ive been having oil leakage down my exhaust and some carbon build up on the top of my cyclinder head next to the spark plug and was wondering if this is all normal? I have to put a paper towel under the exhaust when i put the bike in the basement because of the leaking issue. Also after running it 15 mins or so the motor gets extremely hot to the point where when u try to adjust the idling screw it does nothing as opposed to when you start the bike up cold and the kill switch obviously stops working so i have to either pull the choke up or twist the fuel cut off to stop it. Im thinking about switchin out the crappy head for a new bigger head to help with heat and also add some more power. Yesterday i also changed the throttle little clip to adjust from lean to rich (have 5 slots and put the clip into the second to first) and it ran pretty good yesterday and i didnt seem to have that problem wit the kill switch not working. well i tried to take the bike out today and it wouldnt fire up so i took out the spark plug and the end was black and moist and i read thats not where u want it cuz its running too rich so i put the clip back to the middle and it seemed to fire up better this time. Just want some insight from experienced guys
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