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Default Re: Can a 2-stoke engine still run when bike is stopped?

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Back to the OP's question, it sounds as if his clutch cable isn't adjusted correctly and/or he doesn't quite understand how the clutch works. I'm curious as to how he's been starting the bike. Pedaling against a dead engine without disengaging the clutch would kill me

I've just been starting the bike normally. (Pedaling then letting go of the clutch). But I just want to know how it works... If I get the engine to remain on while I am stopped, I will just pull the throttle once I stop at a stop sign?? If so, how do people get to rev their engine? Wouldn't the bike just accelerate if the throttle was pulled? I apologize for seeming like a complete newbie, but I do want to know how it would work. I am very fascinated by these bikes and would like some explanation on how it would work. Again, I apologize if this seems like a dumb question. Thanks!
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