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Default Re: Can a 2-stoke engine still run when bike is stopped?

Originally Posted by tooljunkie View Post
the screw binds against the slide,either warping slide or cracking it.
i read about someone having this trouble before.
dont recall the exact circumstances but carb was damaged.

i never tried running the screw in without opening throttle,i do adjust
down from a high idle though.
TJ is exactly right. Even though there is a slight 'ramp' where the idle speed screw engages the slide, if the screw is tightened (screwed in) before slightly raising the slide you can damage the slide. Always give the twist grip a slight turn, rev the engine just a little and then go in with the idle speed screw. Backing it out is a different story. You can decrease the idle speed without twisting the throttle.

Back to the OP's question, it sounds as if his clutch cable isn't adjusted correctly and/or he doesn't quite understand how the clutch works. I'm curious as to how he's been starting the bike. Pedaling against a dead engine without disengaging the clutch would kill me

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