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Default Re: reliable motorized bicycle for transportation

Originally Posted by Pablo View Post
d) that is a hassle for leg swings for (short/tall) folks with knee problems
That gives your bike individuality!
I mount on my Titan when it's on Cronus by bending my leg at the knee when I swing my leg over. This clears everything! I seen Duane get on by going over the front bar. Then for the ladies just have a ladies frame. Ladies frame getting on is even easier than with a frame mount! And their dresses don't get stained with two stroke exhaust.
So it's all about individuality. Were all building bikes to suit us. I always believe the more individual you put on your bike the harder it is for a thief to get it running.
I put some "Tricks" on the Titan to make it when a thief tries to start it to steal it,it's not happening. Revealing it may jeopardize.... naw. Any thief that may want to take my ride probably won't be reading this.
I'll share this "One" trick for you guys.
When I know I'm going on a seedy area for I do business in Denver a bit I remove my pull starter. I haven't done this on Cronus but on the buggy bike it's okay. Then I carry a rope with a handle with me.
So even when a thief tries to take and start my engine,they can wrap a rope around and pull all day long but it won't start. Why? Because you have to wrap and pull CLOCKWISE for it to start. Most would think to pull it counter clockwise,the same direction your wheel would be going.(Pull starter is on the right side. Clockwise looks like it would send the bike in reverse. Most don't know the 5 to 1 gearbox reverses the rotation)
Individuality. The two stroke I've shared many anti theft stuff too.
Oops. Sorry I derailed.
I can't help it!!

Knee problems can also be fixed by getting a ladies frame and paint it manly. My Buggy Bike I would say is a universal frame for the single thick bar is low like a ladies bike. I love it for I don't have to swing my leg at all. I just "step up" on it.
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