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Default Re: reliable motorized bicycle for transportation

Well you know you can even mount it up front like I did on my trike! And with simple mods even convert it into a 3 speed free wheel!
And Cronus is happy in it's stock configuration just the way it is with a 48 tooth for I'm about climbing more than speed.
I'm still waiting for my #40 20 tooth sprocket to arrive. Then I'll make the 3 speed conversion on the buggy bike. I still ride it often especially with all the ice on the roads. Yesterday was FUN riding in all the snow! I should have made a video. In the meanwhile I'll get that Wheel Master wheel on Cronus and it looks like Cronus won't give me any grief.
I told Duane about my 2 stroke losing a bushing I think and he gave me a nice deal on some engine parts. MOOP 2 still sits. I haven't gotten around to fixing her. Actually I really haven't the desire. One day I'll fix her up. Maybe.
In a few months I want to get a new engine for Cronus. Cronus will still be my main ride. My Buggy Bike is for grocery getting and fooling around on. It's also gotten me quite far though on my long trips. When the trails are full of ice,I love it for I got those trails all to myself! But I need front brakes. Yes it's fun without it but I gotta think safety.
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