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Default Re: Hello From California

How to make a China Girl last?

Prep your engine before the first start. Always, replace the acorn head nuts with nuts from your hardware store and lock-tite head bolts, intake bolts, exhaust bolts, and mounting bolts. There are many more recommendations for prepping your china girl on this website.

Make sure you break her in correctly, use a high oil/gas mix and take it easy on the throttle for the first few tanks of fuel letting engine cool after short distances. Use quality 2 cycle oil. I use Castor 927 but there are many other good oils out there. Make sure you grease regularly, particularly the clutch. Make sure you tighten screws, bolts, and nuts often! Like before every ride!! Loose parts are the devils workshop.

Learn how to ride it so you don't put too much strain her. Don't accelerate going down hill, this puts quite a bit of stress on your motor by racking up the RPMs, it's better to hit the clutch and coast down steep hills even if you have to peddle a couple of times. Running the engine while going down hill only stresses her out and doesn't really make you go that much faster, don't do it if you want her to last! Also, don't always go full throttle, mix it up, give her a break. Don't ride on the beach and get it all sandy, beach sand in your crank case will destroy it quickly. Don't set up jumps in your back yard and try to be a dare-devil on it or you will soon have an engine that won't start. A china girl will do everything you ask of her as long as you don't ask too much.

Age? You must be 16 years old in CA to legally operate a motorized bicycle on the street. I'm not certain how closely the cops enforce this law, some CA cities are very strict about it and others not so much.
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